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Team Building Activities

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Challenge yourself and act environmentally friendly

2020.7.2 "Challenge yourself, Environmental Protection Journey", Jiangsu Kintep Environmental Protection Co.,Ltd. hold a hiking in Taizhou Tiande Lake Park.Under the sunshine of blue sky and white clouds, the hiking party followed the Xiumei Navy Road to the east to see the White Horse Memorial Hall, the birthplace of the PLA Navy, and experience the red culture. The whole party was about 6 kilometers.At 3pm, with the sound of loud horns, the hiking activity officially started!

The hiking trail featured sports center Tiande Lake Park, Naval Road and the red white Horse Memorial Hall, the birthplace of the PLA Navy.The staff of KINTEP can not only visit the beautiful scenery of Tiande Lake, relive the brilliant red gene, and enjoy the elegant demeanour of Taizhou, but also feel the changes of the city during the hiking, share the achievements of urban development, and bring the concept of science and technology and environmental protection to every Taizhou people.